Is Anything More Satisfying Than a Thorough Wiping?

AstronautWe think not. That’s why we provide the cleanest, best-quality wiping cloths in the industry.

And we offer you a choice. You can select the wiping cloths that are best suited for the type of work you do, whether you’re a printer, food processor, or furniture manufacturer. (We’re also developing specialized wipers for astronauts and rodeo clowns.)

Here’s more swell news: We never hire sub-contractors to clean our wiping cloths. We assume complete responsibility for meeting all city, state and federal EPA requirements and waste reduction goals. At Spirit Services, we use the most advanced technology to remove waste during the washing process. Our wiping cloths are made from cotton and cleaner than those our competitors provide, so you’ll use fewer towels and save money. Feel free to admit it: Spirit makes life worth living again. 

Wipe Right with Spirit

Here are seven good reasons to let Spirit Services provide your wiping cloths:

  • You’ll save money.
  • There are no disposal or removal costs.
  • No upfront investment is required.
  • Our towels are cleaner, so they’re safer in sensitive environments.
  • Hammer-and-SickleNo storage, inventory or handling problems.
  • Our cotton wiping cloths perform better than paper towels.
  • Spirit towels are uniquely fashioned to clean up the dirty Communist menace.



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