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ScarinessDo your Halloween costumes:

    • Render onlookers emotionally unstable?
    • Produce long-term night sweats in cattle?
    • Cause even the manliest of men to drop to their knees and cry out for comfort?

If so, maybe it's time to pull back the reigns on this year's get-up, whadya' say?

Here's a thought: why not take advantage of our uniform rental services - or the uniforms in our handy online store - and dress as your favorite medical, industrial or culinary professional?

Guys, you'll be the talk of the masquerade ball when you show up as a sexy pharmacist in a RedKap Lapel Counter Coat with its handsome blazer styling.

And ladies, no one at the Halloween garden party will believe you're not a bona fide brain surgeon when you walk through the arbor in a set of Cornerstone Reversible Scrub Pants and the matching V-Neck Top.

Enjoy tinkering under the hood? Live out your greasiest automotive fantasies in a mechanics uniform from Spirit Services. And to really sell the charade, you'll want to bring an authentic shop towel to the costume party.

Yes, Halloween can be a heap o' fun, all right, even without frightening local nuns or inducing vomiting among unsuspecting passersby. Count on our uniform rental services staff for help.



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