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Shrump WallpaperYou know Mel and Opal Shrump. They own the local wallpaper shop.

Good folks, the Shrumps.

And nobody loves wallpaper more than Opal, but lately she's had just about enough of rinsing wallpaper paste out of her good dress at the end of each long day.

Luckily, Mel heard tell of Spirit Services down at the hardware store. He found out that we have nifty corporate apparel, plus all sorts of swell uniforms.

So, he and Opal paid a visit to our online store and picked out a few matching shirts for themselves. Even had the name of their shop embroidered on them. Just like downtown.

Then, they called about uniform rental service for their employees: Jimmy, that nice young fella from over Springfield way, and, of course, Frank Lawson. He's been the Shrump's main paper hanger for going on nine years now, despite his fear of ladders.

Now, Opal's just as pleased as can be with their fine new shirts. "They look real professional," she says.

And when the boys step out of that Shrump's Wallpaper truck in their snappy new uniforms, well, people stop and notice. Word is, Frank even earned himself a date once Lorna Hoop got an eyeful of him in his new work duds.

See? Good things happen when you wear corporate apparel and uniforms from Spirit Services!

By the way, the Shrumps would like you to know that they just got seven large boxes of new wallpaper in the other day: animal prints, like snake and leopard, and a few with pictures of naked ladies surrounded by grapes. Opal says they're very exotic because they came from far-off places, like Dayton and up around Jefferson County.



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