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April 1, 1939 - As an April Fool's joke, we announced to area newspapers that our employees had invaded Poland. Just six months later, the Nazis actually did invade Poland. (The Nazis were not known for the originality of their pranks.)

April 14, 1952 - We agreed to sponsor America's first rock-n-roll package tour when we learned that the bill included regional favorites Johnny and the Absorbents, The Five Mops, and Frankie Flame and the Fire-Retardant Coveralls.

April 21, 1948 - Our crack staff came up with the cure for tough toilet clogs when they developed the mule-powered plunger. We taught Army surplus mules how to harness their brute strength and their instinctive appreciation of the plumbing arts, all for the benefit of America's restrooms.

April 25, 1954 - The world took notice that afternoon as we became the first company to land a mat on the moon.

April 30, 1947 - During our company's annual Spring picnic, Roger Farley from Accounting soaked a bale of shop towels in rancid buttermilk, and then lobbed them at a group of passing nuns. Still laughing, Roger was struck by lightning less than a minute later.



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