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Same old rental uniforms got you down? Then we may have good news, friend!

The certified Fiber Scientists in the Spirit Services laboratories will soon be working night and day to examine rental uniforms at an entirely different level.

Specs Squared"Anyone can add a second collar to a work shirt, or line the inside of khaki pants with human hair," said Dr. Lewis Carp, our main sciencey person. "But very shortly, we'll be working to improve rental uniforms in a new way, using a modern tool called X-ray specs."

As described in the advertisement to the right, X-ray spec technology will allow our Fiber Scientists to see through clothing for the first time. "We're hoping that will give us a better idea of how rental uniforms interact with the bodies of our attractive, physically fit research models," said Dr. Carp.

What type of results will this science-like study yield? "It's too soon to tell," said the good doctor. "It may take 15 to 20 years of looking through other people's clothing to see enough of what we need to see, but we're committed to the work. And we're very excited."



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