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An Open LetterDear New Year,

We're the clothes-wearing guys and gals of middle America, and just so you know, you won't be fooling us.

Yes, you're technically "new," but that doesn't mean we haven't seen your kind before.

We've been taking notes, you see, and we've learned a thing or two about years.

You start out colder than Walt Disney's frozen corpse. Just as you begin to warm up nicely, you shift into that humid / sweaty mode that makes old people faint. And before we know it, your temperature drops again like a sackful of wet nickels.

We know you like to keep us guessing, but this time around we're ready for whatever you throw at us, thanks to the fine variety of clothing in the Spirit Services online store.

There are parkas, hoodies and fleece styles in the Outerwear department, and windshirts perfect for the spring and early fall months. The T-shirts and activewear make for dandy summer duds. And the corporate apparel is sure to have a mesmerizing effect on our customers all year 'round.

So, go ahead, New Year – give it your best shot! We've got the Spirit and we're ready for you.





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