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The Hot Hot SunYes, the flame-retardant uniforms we sell comply with NFPA70e standards, but we wanted to test just how fire-resistant they are.

So, as a fun experiment, we placed a crate of FR shirts, jackets and vests onto one of our company helicopters and flew it directly into the sun.

Neither the flame-retardant uniforms nor the helicopter fared too well. Turns out, the surface of the sun is about 10,000 degrees. That's hot enough to melt most helicopters - information we could have used before the flight.

We've been told, though, that Kevin, the chimp who flew the chopper, is fine. He parachuted out just south of Venus and should be floating back to Earth any day now.

We already knew that our flame-retardant uniforms work just fine here at home, but now we can state with complete confidence that you should never rely on them while you're working on a flaming-hot star.

You're welcome. 



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