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OuterwearThe traditional winter coat. Sure, it's warm, but it can also be thick and bulky, heavy when wet, and a fire hazard when exposed to open flames.

Old-style winter coats tend to be itchy, lopsided and stubborn.

They're difficult to fold into thirds. They attract raccoons and are prone to spontaneous shredding. They're five times more likely to be radioactive. They often smell like the sorts of things that wash up on a beach. They're a red flag for border guards. And they're the cause of most bar fights.

Those are just a few reasons why today's modern lady prefers a parka or fleece from Spirit Services. We also carry hoodies, jackets and soft shell vests, by the way.

Go ahead, keep your traditional winter coat for old time's sake. It'll make a terrific drop cloth the next time you paint the garage. But to stay cozy and stylish all season long, you'll want to pay a visit to the Outerwear department of the Spirit Services online store.



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