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Chef UniformsSome folks claim "you are what you eat."

At Spirit Services, we believe "you are what you wear."

Take your neighbor, Lou, for instance - the fellow who spends his weekends dressed in a bear costume. According to the local police blotter, he enjoys making bear noises and emitting authentic bear aromas as the neighbor ladies pass him in his yard on the way to the market. Thankfully, Lou has the good sense to chain himself to a sturdy tree to quell any urge to rummage through nearby trash cans.

So, while not legally or biologically a bear, Lou's grizzly get-up allows him to believe - for whatever reason - that he's all bear.

What about you, friend?

If you're, say, a chef at a local restaurant, it's important that you wear a professional chef's uniform while on the job. Not only will it allow others to identify you as the culinary commander, it will help you feel as much like a chef as Lou feels like a bear.

You'll find a delicious selection of chef uniforms in the Spirit Services online store, including the RedKap Master Chef Coat and the Executive Chef Coat from Chef Designs. 

Spirit Services uniforms look great and work like a charm. They're made with a space-age fabric that helps you to be 49% more productive. (Test results still pending.) And with our uniform rental, we also offer laundry service. That means you won't have to spend your Friday nights in a laundromat next to a guy washing his bear costume.



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