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John Plunt Head TattooI asked average American John Plunt why he had the Spirit Services logo tattooed on his forehead.

"Why do rivers flow to the sea?" cried the 72-year old Plunt. "Why does the sun make stuff hot? Why do bears eat cookies and those assorted pastries when they find them left behind on a picnic table? They just have to!"

"Huh?" I mumbled.

"Look, when a person is as impressed with a company's uniform rental services, cleaning supplies and promotional products as I am with Spirit Services', that person just has to have that company's logo tattooed on his forehead!"

"Not necessarily," I replied shyly, a little spooked by Mr. Plunt's intensity.

"I want people to see that I've got the Spirit," he shouted. "When passersby look at me I want them to think corporate apparel, outerwear, flame retardant gear, restroom supplies, mats, mops and shop towels!"

"Gee, that's a lot to ask for from one head tattoo," I chuckled.

And with that, Plunt rose from his wheelchair and proceeded to give me the beating of my life.

Thirty-five minutes later, as I was still lying on the ground in a puddle of my own juices, John Plunt stood over me. "Never underestimate what a little Spirit can do for you, sonny," he said.

He extended his hand. As he helped me up, he hit me in the mouth one more time, just to drive home his point.

I learned a lot from John Plunt that day. I learned to never question senior citizens with any type of forehead adornment. I learned how to file a lawsuit. And I learned what a little Spirit can do for you.



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