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Valeo Glove BWDon't be terrified by that photo on the left. It's not one of the dismembered hands that crawls the Earth in search of human necks to strangle. Those are only found in Illinois.

It's a photo of a Valeo Mechanics Pro Glove (V140). And it's the kind of glove you might wear if you're a proud American oil or shale gas worker.

DickiesOverallsCome to think of it, we have many types of flame-resistant apparel for fellas in your line of work, from shirts and caps, to sweatshirts and jackets, and more.

Take a look at this fine set of Dickies duck bib overalls (DB100) that's available in the Spirit Services Online Store. The clever folks at Dickies revolutionized the world of overalls a generation ago when they removed the third shoulder strap. Sure, they caught flack for it at the time, but most modern consumers have come to accept that humans no longer have three shoulders.

Vest Fun"Why, hello there, handsome."

You'll have to get used to hearing that line once you start wearing the ML Kishigo FR breathable mesh vest (FM389) shown on the left. It's nearly guaranteed to make you at least moderately more attractive. And the vibrant yellow color will boldly declare, "I'm here world, and I refuse to be accidentally hit by a truck!"

That's just a sample of the garb from our swell oil and shale gas collection. For comfortable work gear with reliable flame-resistant properties - and a dash of big-city style - you can't go wrong with Spirit Services.

Oh, and heed this handy reminder, gents: Most formalwear is not flame-resistant. That means your ascot may burst into flames if it gets too close to your pipe or Baked Alaska. 

(It's time for a Spirited quiz: Other than oil and shale gas, what are the four most worthwhile things to come out of the ground? Place your bets, and then find the answers here.)



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