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Doctor DudsA recent survey has revealed what hospital patients find most comforting about their doctors.

It’s not their kind bedside manner.

It’s not their years of training, skill and experience.

Turns out, it’s their healthcare uniforms.

That’s right: lab coats, tunics and reversible V-neck scrubs put patients at ease better than a bellyful of diazepam.


“We’re not really sure,” said Roger Farce of the R. Farce Survey Company. “We didn’t ask any follow-up questions. Honestly, this survey wasn’t one of our better efforts.”

But here at Spirit Services, we’ve always known that a handsome healthcare uniform speaks volumes about you as a physician. It communicates authority and confidence. And it lets patients know that you’re not willing to expose your personal wardrobe to foul-smelling bodily juices.

Spirit Services' healthcare uniforms also come complete with a handy bonus feature: tremendous healing powers. That means that you’ll be an even better doctor when you wear them. And the healing powers won’t fade, not even in today’s modern washing machines. That’s good to know.

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