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Your new short-sleeved lifeFor the last few days, temperatures all over our service area have reached the mid-90s, and humidity levels have been higher than a kite. 

As a result, the heat index has hovered around 340 degrees, which, as we all know, is hot enough to boil steel.

In fact, buildings throughout our hometown of Columbus, Ohio have been melting to the ground all week. Melting like butter.

So, what can a business owner do to keep his or her staff from wilting, fainting or bursting into flames?

The answer is short-sleeved shirts from Spirit Services.

Scientists aren't sure why, but they've noticed that, during the summer months, people tend to stay cooler and more comfortable while wearing short-sleeved shirts. Maybe it has something to do with friction or entropy or one of those other science-y words. Or maybe it's just one of life's mysteries that we aren't meant to understand.

Whatever the reason, short-sleeved shirts feel great during the heat of summer. And we can customize them with your company name or logo so they look just as great in the workplace.

Don't wait for the violent convulsions that accompany extreme heat stroke to overtake your staff. Order short-sleeved corporate wear for your employees today.

Take a nice, cool stroll through our online store right now.



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