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We thought you might need a break from the funny papers or your favorite radio drama, so we put together an equally entertaining list of some of our suppliers, their products that we carry, and a fun fact about one or the other.

Please begin the table-reading process now.

Brand  Products  Fun Fact

Polos, Caps, T-shirts, Bags

Adidas was the Roman god of caps and bags. Some say he also dabbled in belts, but no photographic proof of that claim has ever been uncovered. 
Badger Sports Polos, Shorts, T-shirts, Athletic Wear All Badger Sports products are made from the hides of actual badgers, the most fashion-forward member of the weasel family.
 Bella + Canvas  T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Sweatpants While stylish and comfortable, Bella + Canvas tees and sweats are rarely worn to weddings in this country. 
 Calvin Klein  Dress Shirts Dress shirts are neither dresses nor shirts. They're wetsuits gone horribly wrong.
 District Threads  T-shirts, Sweatshirts It was Thomas Jefferson who said, "You can tell a lot about a man by examining the quality of his sweatshirt." He was so right. So right, indeed. 
 Eddie Bauer  Jackets, Fleece, Parkas Eddie Bauer once choked on a fleece pullover after confusing it for a BLT. Upon his release from the Gag Ward of the local hospital, he got new glasses.
 Hanes  T-shirts, Polos, Sportswear Company spokesman Michael Jordan personally tries on each pair of Hanes underwear before it leaves the factory.
 IZOD Polos, Dress Shirts  The crocodile that served as the inspiration for the IZOD Lacoste logo died in 1978 when he was struck by a falling alligator.
KATI  T-shirts, Caps (Camo)  KATI was the first company to come up with the idea of wearing a t-shirt and a cap at the same time.
Nike  Polos, Caps  Nike's "Just Do It" slogan was first used by the company's managers to encourage janitorial staff to undertake unpleasant restroom-related tasks.
 OGIO  Shirts, Bags, Caps A detailed search of meteorological records reveals that there's never been a hurricane named OGIO. Or Roger, for that matter. 
TaylorMade  Caps  TaylorMade sells a variety of caps, but none as popular as their "Kiss me! I'm wearing a cap" design. 
WeatherProof  Jackets, Coats 

Who would have thought WeatherProof jackets and coats would hold up so well against nature's elements. "It was certainly a lucky break," said the company's founder.




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