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What comes to mind when you think of the Exxon Valdez or the average teenager's face?

If you said "an oily mess," give yourself a hearty handshake. If you have your own oily mess to deal with now and then, use one of your other hands to click on this vital information about launderable oil absorbents.

We're as happy as a bunny to carry a fine selection of oil absorbing pads, mats, pillows and socks. We're also developing a line of oil absorbing slacks so you can soak up messy spills simply by sitting on them.

Our launderable oil absorbents prevent dangerous spills from flowing into drains, sewers and waterways, and onto your plush white carpeting or hand-tooled leather flooring. Once they've done their job, we'll collect the absorbents and carefully remove the offending fluid following strict local guidelines.

Does your company use heavy machinery? Do you own an intercontinental pipeline? Do you operate an army of robots? If so, you can prevent an environmental catastrophe - or at least a slippery floor - by keeping a large variety of oil absorbents on hand.

If you have a tendency to spill salad dressing often, don't worry! That's easily wiped up with a damp cloth. But for every other type of oily spill, count on your friends at Spirit Services for the launderable oil absorbents you need.



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