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Filthy hands
Filthy, germ-covered hands are the scourge of the planet Earth.

It's true! Dirty mitts killed the dinosaurs, precipitated the fall of the Roman Empire, and led to the 18th century proliferation of the plague known as knuckle worms.

Grimy, crud-caked palms have been responsible for nearly every unsightly wallpaper stain in history, they typically don't give off the most pleasant aroma, and they're now being linked to the assassination of President William McKinley.

Soiled shakers are not welcome in job interviews, operating rooms or salad bar prep areas. And, of course, they spread the flu virus quicker than you can say "debilitating body aches."

But there's good news, friend: you can help rid the world of dirty hands. Simply place our convenient soap and disposable towel dispensers in your company's kitchen, restrooms, and wherever else putrid foulness accumulates under fingernails and wedding rings. When hands are cleaner, your workplace is cleaner. That means fewer employee sick days due to the flu.

FoamFresh E-2 Sanitizer for food service and health care environments, FoamFresh Antimicrobial Hand Wash, and FoamFresh Alcohol Instant Skin Sanitizer are loaded with moisturizers, and they're made right here in the U.S.A., the nation that practically invented clean hands.

Be a good citizen! Do your part to minimize the spread of the flu. Make hand-washing stations easily accessible throughout your workplace. Visit the Restroom Supplies page of our online store now.



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