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Chef Clothing - Clothing for ChefsDo you often find yourself preparing rack of lamb while wearing a straitjacket, or whipping up cheese soufflés dressed in a unitard and cowboy hat? If so, you may work in one of today's good-time theme eateries, or perhaps you're just unaware of what's known as "chef clothing." It's a special type of clothing made just for chefs, thus the name "chef clothing."

Are you among the few remaining old-school shirtless chefs who are tired of enduring sauce burns on your bare chest? Or maybe you've never considered a career in the culinary arts because you didn't want to see all your best undershirts strewn with gravy. Either way, you'll appreciate our fine selection of chef wear, including the dark and mysterious Eight Pearl Button Chef Coat, and the Master Chef Coat with its French-cut front and the underarm ventilation that lets you say "I'm cool where it counts." Both coats protect your skin and your clothing from hot grease splatters and the occasional lobster attack.

Another benefit: Our chef clothing makes it easy for the world to tell at a glance that you're king of the kitchen, chief of the chow line, lord of the ladle. You'll look good and feel good in these classic styles. And each time you catch your reflection in a stainless steel refrigeration unit, you'll know deep down – where it counts – that you've achieved chefdom.



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