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Casual Fridays
Thinking about invading England? Now would be the perfect time – while the Brits are in a gut-wrenching tizzy over their work gear. 
According to a survey commissioned by the website Very.co.uk, an unlucky 13% of England’s office workers claim that having to make clothing choices for Casual Fridays is causing them considerable stress. Fifteen percent admit that they’ve called in sick to avoid that stress. And nearly 25% have been late to work because they took too much time deciding what to wear. (Is it any wonder they lost the Revolution?)
But aside from their funny accents and even funnier approach to dental care, the English aren’t much different from us Yanks. So, perhaps it’s worth asking if Casual Fridays are burning holes in the bellies of your employees as well. 
Whatever answers your survey turns up, the gentle and soothing professionals at Spirit Services can make dressing for work a lot easier for your team.
Our branded uniforms take the guess work out of how to dress, no matter which day of the week it is. We also offer an impressive selection of corporate apparel, including fine-looking shirts, sweaters, polos and pants that we’ll happily brand with your company logo. 
Don’t allow blouse-related stress to cut down your employees in the prime of life. Call Spirit today at (877)407-7474 for expert assistance with workday clothing. 


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