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For Heavens sake - keep your bathrooms cleanWell, not exactly, but commercial restroom maintenance is just as important as your daily shower, your bi-weekly scrub or your old-fashioned monthly hose-down.

The state of your company's lavatories affects how customers view your business and can mean the difference between winning a prospect over and losing them forever to a terrifying impression.

Restrooms should be sanctuaries; sacred shelters in which the actively digesting among us can enjoy a few moments of calm and reflection. They offer us the peace and quiet we need to flush away our cares, while serving as the setting for unlikely epiphanies. (We've heard that Edison invented the light bulb while using the facilities at a New Jersey gas station.)

But when you treat your porcelain palaces like tiled trash cans, they can end up looking and smelling like a common outhouse or a forgotten bedpan, and that's not good for the ol' brand image.

So, do yourself a favor, friend: keep "Uncle Johnny" fresh with our professional restroom supplies. We'll deliver what you need, when you need it, so you can concentrate on doing the other type of business.

Your customers will thank you. And your toilets will thank you. 



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