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CapnUniforms affect more than your laundry routine and closet space. Just as that new coffee maker in the break room promotes employee pep, the right workplace attire can help your business in a number of ways.

Unite and Conquer

You don't see football players stepping onto the field in tank tops and Bermuda shorts, do you? Gosh, no! Your line of work may not require shoulder pads and a mouth guard, but whether you're in service or sales, uniforms encourage a healthy team dynamic. Remember: we're all in this together!

Dress Up and Stand Out

Uniforms help your employees stand out as representatives of your business. That makes it easier for customers to find help when they need it, which increases productivity, which increases profits, which means you'll be buying that shiny new boat any day now. Plus, uniforms make your team look as nifty as all get-out!

The Power of Equality

A wise man once advised, "Judge your fellow man by the content of his character, not by the chicken pot pie stain on his undershirt." Uniforms make that easier, by eliminating social and economic disparities and placing everyone on the same level. We recommend name tags for management, however, just in case the new guy in the mail room takes that "same level" business a bit too far.

"We're the Experts"

When people see a uniform, they see an authority figure. From soldiers and policemen to workers in the retail and restaurant industries, uniforms let customers know loud and clear "who the professionals are around here!" Just make sure your employees can live up to that high standard, though. You know how people feel about impersonating an officer.

Under-Dressed Can Spell Over-Relaxed

Many workplaces offer relaxed dress codes, but what they gain in comfort they may lose in productivity. Uniforms promote a focused, hard-working mindset. And, we're sorry, but that Hawaiian shirt really isn't doing you any favors.

So, whadya' say: Are you hungry for a thick slice of uniform pie? Then help yourself here or give us a call at (877)407-7474.



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