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T-Shirt TechnologyIt takes courage and commitment to blaze new fashion trails, and the gals in the Spirit Services T-Shirt Laboratories have plenty of both.

Sure, it would be easier for them to settle for the current state of T-shirts, but they know that's not how you make a country great. That's not how you change lives.

"We don't do it for the glory," said Wanda Sploof. She's in charge of the department's welding and soldering. "We do it because America needs an ever-evolving selection of T-shirts and activewear, as surely as she needs railways and coal power and mom's apple pie."

Patriotism. It's the fire that burns white hot inside all who have dedicated their lives to the Spirit Services T-Shirt Laboratories.

So, the next time you buy a T-shirt, a tall T-shirt, a Polo shirt, or a tank top from the Spirit Services collection, take pride, knowing that your purchase is helping the USA maintain its status as the world's greatest T-shirt-buying nation.


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