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Laughing is Fun1) February is the shortest month, but it's also the heaviest.

2) Seven out of ten people born in February have a unique characteristic, such as a fourth leg or the ability to transform into a dump truck in order to battle rival aliens.

3) The federal government reports that the month of February typically sees 3 to 6% fewer injuries related to buying golf apparel.

4) February is a Danish word meaning "too many Rs."

5) Valentine's Day, Presidents' Day and Groundhog Day all fall within February, but so do a few lesser-known holidays, such as National Bag Day and the ancient religious observance Wiping Cloth Wednesday. 

6) Salad was invented in the month of February.

7) Sometimes it may feel like February's "had it up to here with you," but it's just going through a rough patch right now and needs some time to think things through. It's sure that everything will be fine. You'll see.

8) It's well documented that outfitting your staff with handsome new corporate wear during the month of February improves your chances of getting into heaven.

9) Science tells us that if you were to set February on fire, the flame would burn a bright white. That's because of the month's high magnesium content.



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