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You should probably stay putBustin' out of the joint can be a real headache. The dogs. The screws. Even if you do make it to the perimeter there's all that barbed wire to contend with.

So we had a chat with your lawyer-man, and we all kinda' think that maybe you should just sit tight for the next 24 to 32 months.

Look, we know the chow in the stir ain't exactly four-star cuisine, but chokin' down that gruel sure beats takin' a load of buckshot in the wig from some guard in tower number three, am I right?

And hey - here's something to look forward to: when you get out of the coop you can buy yourself a fresh set of duds from Spirit Services. Some nice pants. A couple of shirts. That new golf apparel you've been writin' home about.

Yeah, that's it! The next couple of years will whiz by like a flyin' hammer. You'll see! 

Until then, keep your nose clean, ration your smokes, and set your mind on the Spirit. 



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