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America's crumbling infrastructure doesn't deter us! We deliver to seven Midwestern states regardless of road conditions.

Sure, we go through tires and shocks like nobody's business, and our drivers continue to vibrate for up to an hour after each shift, but that's a small price to pay to deliver our Spirited products to fine citizens like you.

By the way, those products include absorbents, bags, branded uniforms, corporate apparel, flame retardant gear, gloves, golf apparel, head gear, mats, mops, outerwear, personal protection equipment, promotional items, restroom supplies, shop towels, T-shirts, and wiping cloths.

(We thought you might enjoy seeing them listed alphabetically like that.)

So give us a call at (877)407-7474. Then watch for one of our delivery vehicles bouncing down a road near you. We'll gladly brave the deepest potholes and cross the most dilapidated bridges to bring you the Spirit you need. 




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