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New Things Can Be Scary
Recent innovations such as TV dinners and retractable seat belts suggest that the new year will be loaded with even more life-changing technology.

And to that we all shout "Yippee!"

But in our rush to enjoy newfangled gadgets and scientific wizardry, let's not forget about the products that made America what it is today; products such as mats, mops, shop towels, and those long-time favorites - restroom supplies.

Sure, we understand that the miracle of roll-on deodorant and non-stick pans may have captured your fancy for now. But remember: life without logo mats or blue wet mops would hardly be worth living.

Just try to get through the day without a generous supply of clean cotton wiping cloths and durable shop towels.

And you don't want to know what "Uncle Johnny" will look and smell like after a few weeks without the proper restroom supplies.

So go ahead, friend - spend a few dollars here and there on space-age diversions. But don't forget about your responsibility as a U.S. citizen to purchase plenty of mats, mops, shop towels, and restroom supplies.

Our future as a nation depends on your cooperation. Thanks!




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