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Logoed Turkey

It's true! A turkey with our corporate logo baked in the center really does taste better. All that delicious brand goodness seeps deep into the meat and fills it with a rich, Spirited flavor you won't soon forget.

Adding your logo to your employees' shirts, coats and hats helps them share your brand goodness! And our informal research shows it also fills your entire team with a rich, Spirited flavor - one that we can't quite explain.

We'll be pleased to add your company's logo to just about anything you can imagine, except the following:

  • A human face
  • Tangerines or tangelos
  • Viscous liquids, especially those of the stinging variety
  • Blind rage and all other intense emotional responses
  • Any of your major categories of vermin

Take a look at our fine selection of promotional products here.

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