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You should probably stay putBustin' out of the joint can be a real headache. The dogs. The screws. Even if you do make it to the perimeter there's all that barbed wire to contend with.

So we had a chat with your lawyer-man, and we all kinda' think that maybe you should just sit tight for the next 24 to 32 months.

Look, we know the chow in the stir ain't exactly four-star cuisine, but chokin' down that gruel sure beats takin' a load of buckshot in the wig from some guard in tower number three, am I right?

And hey - here's something to look forward to: when you get out of the coop you can buy yourself a fresh set of duds from Spirit Services. Some nice pants. A couple of shirts. That new golf apparel you've been writin' home about.

Yeah, that's it! The next couple of years will whiz by like a flyin' hammer. You'll see! 

Until then, keep your nose clean, ration your smokes, and set your mind on the Spirit. 


America's crumbling infrastructure doesn't deter us! We deliver to seven Midwestern states regardless of road conditions.

Sure, we go through tires and shocks like nobody's business, and our drivers continue to vibrate for up to an hour after each shift, but that's a small price to pay to deliver our Spirited products to fine citizens like you.

By the way, those products include absorbents, bags, branded uniforms, corporate apparel, flame retardant gear, gloves, golf apparel, head gear, mats, mops, outerwear, personal protection equipment, promotional items, restroom supplies, shop towels, T-shirts, and wiping cloths.

(We thought you might enjoy seeing them listed alphabetically like that.)

So give us a call at (877)407-7474. Then watch for one of our delivery vehicles bouncing down a road near you. We'll gladly brave the deepest potholes and cross the most dilapidated bridges to bring you the Spirit you need. 



New Things Can Be Scary
Recent innovations such as TV dinners and retractable seat belts suggest that the new year will be loaded with even more life-changing technology.

And to that we all shout "Yippee!"

But in our rush to enjoy newfangled gadgets and scientific wizardry, let's not forget about the products that made America what it is today; products such as mats, mops, shop towels, and those long-time favorites - restroom supplies.

Sure, we understand that the miracle of roll-on deodorant and non-stick pans may have captured your fancy for now. But remember: life without logo mats or blue wet mops would hardly be worth living.

Just try to get through the day without a generous supply of clean cotton wiping cloths and durable shop towels.

And you don't want to know what "Uncle Johnny" will look and smell like after a few weeks without the proper restroom supplies.

So go ahead, friend - spend a few dollars here and there on space-age diversions. But don't forget about your responsibility as a U.S. citizen to purchase plenty of mats, mops, shop towels, and restroom supplies.

Our future as a nation depends on your cooperation. Thanks!



Logoed Turkey

It's true! A turkey with our corporate logo baked in the center really does taste better. All that delicious brand goodness seeps deep into the meat and fills it with a rich, Spirited flavor you won't soon forget.

Adding your logo to your employees' shirts, coats and hats helps them share your brand goodness! And our informal research shows it also fills your entire team with a rich, Spirited flavor - one that we can't quite explain.

We'll be pleased to add your company's logo to just about anything you can imagine, except the following:

  • A human face
  • Tangerines or tangelos
  • Viscous liquids, especially those of the stinging variety
  • Blind rage and all other intense emotional responses
  • Any of your major categories of vermin

Take a look at our fine selection of promotional products here.

Care to talk about your project? We'd be delighted. Please call (877)407-7474.


Spirit Trouble

Unfold those sad and lonely arms and slip them into a warm hooded sweatshirt or a cozy fleece pullover from the Spirit Services Outerwear collection.

Yes, it's your own fault you haven't found the love that every human being craves, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the lasting companionship of a soft shell vest.

Or wrap yourself in the comfort you so desperately seek with a new Kariban factory jacket.

Improving your attitude or making yourself more attractive to suitors is arduous, unpleasant work, so fall in love with your outerwear instead. Your shortcut to happiness runs straight through the Spirit Services online store.

Life will be over before you know it, so why not begin shopping now?



When given only a globe or a large map of the world, yes - it can be tricky to pinpoint all seven Spirit Services locations and our Columbus, Ohio headquarters.

Thank goodness for modern navigation tools, like the leather-bound road atlas or the handy compass. They'll guide you straight to our fine selection of uniforms, restroom supplies, shop towels and corporate apparel.

Those are all products worth traveling long distances for, to be sure. But did you know that you don't have to leave your home or workplace to enjoy your share of the Spirit?

It's true! You can order whatever you'd like using the very same Internet machine you're using right now.

Don't believe us?

Then click here and watch in wonder as the world of Spirit Services unfolds before you.

Bon voyage, fellow traveler.



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