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Like any business owner or manager, you want your staff to look their best on the job. After all, nothing offends a persnickety customer quicker than a slovenly clerk.

But lately, you say, your employees seem to be shunning their company-issued spats and tams. And the eleven corporate bowties you found stuffed in a basement coal bin last week could not be a more obvious sign of revolt.

So, it appears you have a problem.

Or do you?

The modern cog wants comfort from his work garb; trousers and shirts that allow him the freedom to move and express his every physical whim while on the clock.

Luckily, Spirit Services carries corporate uniforms that are as easy to wear as a smile; a fine selection of attractive pants, polos, sweaters and shirts, all available in our handy online store. That means your employees can dress casually and comfortably, and still be as stylish as the day is long.

Keep in mind that the well-dressed wage earners at Spirit Services can customize your corporate uniforms with your company logo or a catchy phrase, such as "I Like Ike."


Your new short-sleeved lifeFor the last few days, temperatures all over our service area have reached the mid-90s, and humidity levels have been higher than a kite. 

As a result, the heat index has hovered around 340 degrees, which, as we all know, is hot enough to boil steel.

In fact, buildings throughout our hometown of Columbus, Ohio have been melting to the ground all week. Melting like butter.

So, what can a business owner do to keep his or her staff from wilting, fainting or bursting into flames?

The answer is short-sleeved shirts from Spirit Services.

Scientists aren't sure why, but they've noticed that, during the summer months, people tend to stay cooler and more comfortable while wearing short-sleeved shirts. Maybe it has something to do with friction or entropy or one of those other science-y words. Or maybe it's just one of life's mysteries that we aren't meant to understand.

Whatever the reason, short-sleeved shirts feel great during the heat of summer. And we can customize them with your company name or logo so they look just as great in the workplace.

Don't wait for the violent convulsions that accompany extreme heat stroke to overtake your staff. Order short-sleeved corporate wear for your employees today.

Take a nice, cool stroll through our online store right now.


Sure, it's fun to read a novel or newspaper article about mops, but the modern infographic format brings deep-down satisfaction that words alone can't deliver. Take a look below for yourself. You'll see that mops have never been so captivating.

And if you enjoy buying mops for yourself or as gifts, visit the Mats & Mops page of our online store.

Spirit Services InfoGraphic



We thought you might need a break from the funny papers or your favorite radio drama, so we put together an equally entertaining list of some of our suppliers, their products that we carry, and a fun fact about one or the other.

Please begin the table-reading process now.

Brand  Products  Fun Fact

Polos, Caps, T-shirts, Bags

Adidas was the Roman god of caps and bags. Some say he also dabbled in belts, but no photographic proof of that claim has ever been uncovered. 
Badger Sports Polos, Shorts, T-shirts, Athletic Wear All Badger Sports products are made from the hides of actual badgers, the most fashion-forward member of the weasel family.
 Bella + Canvas  T-shirts, Sweatshirts, Sweatpants While stylish and comfortable, Bella + Canvas tees and sweats are rarely worn to weddings in this country. 
 Calvin Klein  Dress Shirts Dress shirts are neither dresses nor shirts. They're wetsuits gone horribly wrong.
 District Threads  T-shirts, Sweatshirts It was Thomas Jefferson who said, "You can tell a lot about a man by examining the quality of his sweatshirt." He was so right. So right, indeed. 
 Eddie Bauer  Jackets, Fleece, Parkas Eddie Bauer once choked on a fleece pullover after confusing it for a BLT. Upon his release from the Gag Ward of the local hospital, he got new glasses.
 Hanes  T-shirts, Polos, Sportswear Company spokesman Michael Jordan personally tries on each pair of Hanes underwear before it leaves the factory.
 IZOD Polos, Dress Shirts  The crocodile that served as the inspiration for the IZOD Lacoste logo died in 1978 when he was struck by a falling alligator.
KATI  T-shirts, Caps (Camo)  KATI was the first company to come up with the idea of wearing a t-shirt and a cap at the same time.
Nike  Polos, Caps  Nike's "Just Do It" slogan was first used by the company's managers to encourage janitorial staff to undertake unpleasant restroom-related tasks.
 OGIO  Shirts, Bags, Caps A detailed search of meteorological records reveals that there's never been a hurricane named OGIO. Or Roger, for that matter. 
TaylorMade  Caps  TaylorMade sells a variety of caps, but none as popular as their "Kiss me! I'm wearing a cap" design. 
WeatherProof  Jackets, Coats 

Who would have thought WeatherProof jackets and coats would hold up so well against nature's elements. "It was certainly a lucky break," said the company's founder.




What comes to mind when you think of the Exxon Valdez or the average teenager's face?

If you said "an oily mess," give yourself a hearty handshake. If you have your own oily mess to deal with now and then, use one of your other hands to click on this vital information about launderable oil absorbents.

We're as happy as a bunny to carry a fine selection of oil absorbing pads, mats, pillows and socks. We're also developing a line of oil absorbing slacks so you can soak up messy spills simply by sitting on them.

Our launderable oil absorbents prevent dangerous spills from flowing into drains, sewers and waterways, and onto your plush white carpeting or hand-tooled leather flooring. Once they've done their job, we'll collect the absorbents and carefully remove the offending fluid following strict local guidelines.

Does your company use heavy machinery? Do you own an intercontinental pipeline? Do you operate an army of robots? If so, you can prevent an environmental catastrophe - or at least a slippery floor - by keeping a large variety of oil absorbents on hand.

If you have a tendency to spill salad dressing often, don't worry! That's easily wiped up with a damp cloth. But for every other type of oily spill, count on your friends at Spirit Services for the launderable oil absorbents you need.


Filthy hands
Filthy, germ-covered hands are the scourge of the planet Earth.

It's true! Dirty mitts killed the dinosaurs, precipitated the fall of the Roman Empire, and led to the 18th century proliferation of the plague known as knuckle worms.

Grimy, crud-caked palms have been responsible for nearly every unsightly wallpaper stain in history, they typically don't give off the most pleasant aroma, and they're now being linked to the assassination of President William McKinley.

Soiled shakers are not welcome in job interviews, operating rooms or salad bar prep areas. And, of course, they spread the flu virus quicker than you can say "debilitating body aches."

But there's good news, friend: you can help rid the world of dirty hands. Simply place our convenient soap and disposable towel dispensers in your company's kitchen, restrooms, and wherever else putrid foulness accumulates under fingernails and wedding rings. When hands are cleaner, your workplace is cleaner. That means fewer employee sick days due to the flu.

FoamFresh E-2 Sanitizer for food service and health care environments, FoamFresh Antimicrobial Hand Wash, and FoamFresh Alcohol Instant Skin Sanitizer are loaded with moisturizers, and they're made right here in the U.S.A., the nation that practically invented clean hands.

Be a good citizen! Do your part to minimize the spread of the flu. Make hand-washing stations easily accessible throughout your workplace. Visit the Restroom Supplies page of our online store now.


Chef Clothing - Clothing for ChefsDo you often find yourself preparing rack of lamb while wearing a straitjacket, or whipping up cheese soufflés dressed in a unitard and cowboy hat? If so, you may work in one of today's good-time theme eateries, or perhaps you're just unaware of what's known as "chef clothing." It's a special type of clothing made just for chefs, thus the name "chef clothing."

Are you among the few remaining old-school shirtless chefs who are tired of enduring sauce burns on your bare chest? Or maybe you've never considered a career in the culinary arts because you didn't want to see all your best undershirts strewn with gravy. Either way, you'll appreciate our fine selection of chef wear, including the dark and mysterious Eight Pearl Button Chef Coat, and the Master Chef Coat with its French-cut front and the underarm ventilation that lets you say "I'm cool where it counts." Both coats protect your skin and your clothing from hot grease splatters and the occasional lobster attack.

Another benefit: Our chef clothing makes it easy for the world to tell at a glance that you're king of the kitchen, chief of the chow line, lord of the ladle. You'll look good and feel good in these classic styles. And each time you catch your reflection in a stainless steel refrigeration unit, you'll know deep down – where it counts – that you've achieved chefdom.


Casual Fridays
Thinking about invading England? Now would be the perfect time – while the Brits are in a gut-wrenching tizzy over their work gear. 
According to a survey commissioned by the website Very.co.uk, an unlucky 13% of England’s office workers claim that having to make clothing choices for Casual Fridays is causing them considerable stress. Fifteen percent admit that they’ve called in sick to avoid that stress. And nearly 25% have been late to work because they took too much time deciding what to wear. (Is it any wonder they lost the Revolution?)
But aside from their funny accents and even funnier approach to dental care, the English aren’t much different from us Yanks. So, perhaps it’s worth asking if Casual Fridays are burning holes in the bellies of your employees as well. 
Whatever answers your survey turns up, the gentle and soothing professionals at Spirit Services can make dressing for work a lot easier for your team.
Our branded uniforms take the guess work out of how to dress, no matter which day of the week it is. We also offer an impressive selection of corporate apparel, including fine-looking shirts, sweaters, polos and pants that we’ll happily brand with your company logo. 
Don’t allow blouse-related stress to cut down your employees in the prime of life. Call Spirit today at (877)407-7474 for expert assistance with workday clothing. 


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