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OuterwearThe traditional winter coat. Sure, it's warm, but it can also be thick and bulky, heavy when wet, and a fire hazard when exposed to open flames.

Old-style winter coats tend to be itchy, lopsided and stubborn.

They're difficult to fold into thirds. They attract raccoons and are prone to spontaneous shredding. They're five times more likely to be radioactive. They often smell like the sorts of things that wash up on a beach. They're a red flag for border guards. And they're the cause of most bar fights.

Those are just a few reasons why today's modern lady prefers a parka or fleece from Spirit Services. We also carry hoodies, jackets and soft shell vests, by the way.

Go ahead, keep your traditional winter coat for old time's sake. It'll make a terrific drop cloth the next time you paint the garage. But to stay cozy and stylish all season long, you'll want to pay a visit to the Outerwear department of the Spirit Services online store.


Chef UniformsSome folks claim "you are what you eat."

At Spirit Services, we believe "you are what you wear."

Take your neighbor, Lou, for instance - the fellow who spends his weekends dressed in a bear costume. According to the local police blotter, he enjoys making bear noises and emitting authentic bear aromas as the neighbor ladies pass him in his yard on the way to the market. Thankfully, Lou has the good sense to chain himself to a sturdy tree to quell any urge to rummage through nearby trash cans.

So, while not legally or biologically a bear, Lou's grizzly get-up allows him to believe - for whatever reason - that he's all bear.

What about you, friend?

If you're, say, a chef at a local restaurant, it's important that you wear a professional chef's uniform while on the job. Not only will it allow others to identify you as the culinary commander, it will help you feel as much like a chef as Lou feels like a bear.

You'll find a delicious selection of chef uniforms in the Spirit Services online store, including the RedKap Master Chef Coat and the Executive Chef Coat from Chef Designs. 

Spirit Services uniforms look great and work like a charm. They're made with a space-age fabric that helps you to be 49% more productive. (Test results still pending.) And with our uniform rental, we also offer laundry service. That means you won't have to spend your Friday nights in a laundromat next to a guy washing his bear costume.


Sowing the Spirit


John Plunt Head TattooI asked average American John Plunt why he had the Spirit Services logo tattooed on his forehead.

"Why do rivers flow to the sea?" cried the 72-year old Plunt. "Why does the sun make stuff hot? Why do bears eat cookies and those assorted pastries when they find them left behind on a picnic table? They just have to!"

"Huh?" I mumbled.

"Look, when a person is as impressed with a company's uniform rental services, cleaning supplies and promotional products as I am with Spirit Services', that person just has to have that company's logo tattooed on his forehead!"

"Not necessarily," I replied shyly, a little spooked by Mr. Plunt's intensity.

"I want people to see that I've got the Spirit," he shouted. "When passersby look at me I want them to think corporate apparel, outerwear, flame retardant gear, restroom supplies, mats, mops and shop towels!"

"Gee, that's a lot to ask for from one head tattoo," I chuckled.

And with that, Plunt rose from his wheelchair and proceeded to give me the beating of my life.

Thirty-five minutes later, as I was still lying on the ground in a puddle of my own juices, John Plunt stood over me. "Never underestimate what a little Spirit can do for you, sonny," he said.

He extended his hand. As he helped me up, he hit me in the mouth one more time, just to drive home his point.

I learned a lot from John Plunt that day. I learned to never question senior citizens with any type of forehead adornment. I learned how to file a lawsuit. And I learned what a little Spirit can do for you.


Spirit Work UniformsUniforms have fascinated mankind for generations. So, it's no wonder that people mail us questions about uniforms from all corners of the globe.

Here are a few of our favorites, followed by our answers.

Q: Don't uniforms spread diseases, such as laziness and male pattern baldness?
A: No, you're thinking of corn. Uniforms are a healthy alternative to corn-based clothing. And they don't require shucking.

Q: What should I do if my uniform comes into contact with some sort of dirt?
A: That's an easy one! With Spirit's uniform rental services, you won't have to lift a finger. We pick up your uniforms, provide expert laundering, and then return them to you. We're like uniform fairies that way.

Q: I've heard tell that modern guys and gals prefer uniforms to investing in their own costly work wardrobe. Could that be true?
A: Yep, it's as true as the day is long. And here's a tip: whenever you hear any good news about uniforms, save yourself the time and chalk it up as the gospel right away.

Q: Word on the street is that Spirit Services offers several options when it comes to uniforms. Can you explain?
A: Be happy to, friend! You can rent, lease or buy your professional uniforms from Spirit. When you rent, you'll enjoy our laundering services, pick-up and delivery, and a good-all-over feeling that's hard to describe in mixed company.

Q: Why can't uniforms be used somehow to broker a lasting world peace?
A: We're working on that right now! Give us the weekend to pull the details together.


Please Keep It CleanIs there anything more satisfying than the all-over freshness that follows a thorough bathing?

After a good scrubbing session, your underarms, hind quarters and reproductive spots practically sparkle with cleanliness. And that gives you a powerful sense of confidence, doesn't it?

You'll enjoy that same confidence about your workplace when you let Spirit Services help you keep it clean.

We provide wiping cloths for specific industries, including printers, food processors and furniture manufacturers.

We're always at the ready whenever you need mats, mops and shop towels.

Care for a new broom or maybe a few launderable oil absorbents? We've got 'em.

We even carry restroom fragrance control systems to keep "Uncle Johnny" smelling as pleasant as a summer sunset. And you know how good sunsets smell!

For more details, please pay a visit to our online store, or drop a dime and give us a call at (877)407-7474.


United We StandWorld got ya' down, friend?

We understand.

Lately, it seems as if every story in the daily paper and movie house newsreels comes from other parts of the globe:

• Some sort of big affair involving "soccer" - a game that's not at all like America's pastime.

• Then there are those foreign polar ice caps that refuse to stop melting.

• And, of course, all that chatter about spaghetti for the past century.

It's almost as if the U.S. isn't the only nation on Earth anymore. And it's enough to make a fella' wanna go kick a barn!

Fortunately, the patriots here at Spirit Services can put a little more America in your life.

Just visit the Made in the USA section of our online store. You'll find swell T-shirts and shorts for guys and gals, plus nifty totes and baseball caps.

You'll be so captivated by these American-made products that you'll forget Yugoslavia even exists.



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