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April 1, 1939 - As an April Fool's joke, we announced to area newspapers that our employees had invaded Poland. Just six months later, the Nazis actually did invade Poland. (The Nazis were not known for the originality of their pranks.)

April 14, 1952 - We agreed to sponsor America's first rock-n-roll package tour when we learned that the bill included regional favorites Johnny and the Absorbents, The Five Mops, and Frankie Flame and the Fire-Retardant Coveralls.

April 21, 1948 - Our crack staff came up with the cure for tough toilet clogs when they developed the mule-powered plunger. We taught Army surplus mules how to harness their brute strength and their instinctive appreciation of the plumbing arts, all for the benefit of America's restrooms.

April 25, 1954 - The world took notice that afternoon as we became the first company to land a mat on the moon.

April 30, 1947 - During our company's annual Spring picnic, Roger Farley from Accounting soaked a bale of shop towels in rancid buttermilk, and then lobbed them at a group of passing nuns. Still laughing, Roger was struck by lightning less than a minute later.


Same old rental uniforms got you down? Then we may have good news, friend!

The certified Fiber Scientists in the Spirit Services laboratories will soon be working night and day to examine rental uniforms at an entirely different level.

Specs Squared"Anyone can add a second collar to a work shirt, or line the inside of khaki pants with human hair," said Dr. Lewis Carp, our main sciencey person. "But very shortly, we'll be working to improve rental uniforms in a new way, using a modern tool called X-ray specs."

As described in the advertisement to the right, X-ray spec technology will allow our Fiber Scientists to see through clothing for the first time. "We're hoping that will give us a better idea of how rental uniforms interact with the bodies of our attractive, physically fit research models," said Dr. Carp.

What type of results will this science-like study yield? "It's too soon to tell," said the good doctor. "It may take 15 to 20 years of looking through other people's clothing to see enough of what we need to see, but we're committed to the work. And we're very excited."


An Open LetterDear New Year,

We're the clothes-wearing guys and gals of middle America, and just so you know, you won't be fooling us.

Yes, you're technically "new," but that doesn't mean we haven't seen your kind before.

We've been taking notes, you see, and we've learned a thing or two about years.

You start out colder than Walt Disney's frozen corpse. Just as you begin to warm up nicely, you shift into that humid / sweaty mode that makes old people faint. And before we know it, your temperature drops again like a sackful of wet nickels.

We know you like to keep us guessing, but this time around we're ready for whatever you throw at us, thanks to the fine variety of clothing in the Spirit Services online store.

There are parkas, hoodies and fleece styles in the Outerwear department, and windshirts perfect for the spring and early fall months. The T-shirts and activewear make for dandy summer duds. And the corporate apparel is sure to have a mesmerizing effect on our customers all year 'round.

So, go ahead, New Year – give it your best shot! We've got the Spirit and we're ready for you.




The Hot Hot SunYes, the flame-retardant uniforms we sell comply with NFPA70e standards, but we wanted to test just how fire-resistant they are.

So, as a fun experiment, we placed a crate of FR shirts, jackets and vests onto one of our company helicopters and flew it directly into the sun.

Neither the flame-retardant uniforms nor the helicopter fared too well. Turns out, the surface of the sun is about 10,000 degrees. That's hot enough to melt most helicopters - information we could have used before the flight.

We've been told, though, that Kevin, the chimp who flew the chopper, is fine. He parachuted out just south of Venus and should be floating back to Earth any day now.

We already knew that our flame-retardant uniforms work just fine here at home, but now we can state with complete confidence that you should never rely on them while you're working on a flaming-hot star.

You're welcome. 



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