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ScarinessDo your Halloween costumes:

    • Render onlookers emotionally unstable?
    • Produce long-term night sweats in cattle?
    • Cause even the manliest of men to drop to their knees and cry out for comfort?

If so, maybe it's time to pull back the reigns on this year's get-up, whadya' say?

Here's a thought: why not take advantage of our uniform rental services - or the uniforms in our handy online store - and dress as your favorite medical, industrial or culinary professional?

Guys, you'll be the talk of the masquerade ball when you show up as a sexy pharmacist in a RedKap Lapel Counter Coat with its handsome blazer styling.

And ladies, no one at the Halloween garden party will believe you're not a bona fide brain surgeon when you walk through the arbor in a set of Cornerstone Reversible Scrub Pants and the matching V-Neck Top.

Enjoy tinkering under the hood? Live out your greasiest automotive fantasies in a mechanics uniform from Spirit Services. And to really sell the charade, you'll want to bring an authentic shop towel to the costume party.

Yes, Halloween can be a heap o' fun, all right, even without frightening local nuns or inducing vomiting among unsuspecting passersby. Count on our uniform rental services staff for help.


Spirit Services Halloween Flick FestSay gang, it's the Halloween season. That means it's time for spooky masks, window soaping, and the first annual Spirit Services Radioactive Sea Creature Scary Monster Horror Flick Festival from Outer Space!

Come out to the big shindig this weekend at the StarView Drive-In and see eight blood-curdling bone chillers on the giant screen!

But wait! These aren't your run-of-the-mill shockers. Every film features one of the fine Spirit Services products you've come to know and love. And because each certified-creepy film is shot in terrifying full-color Spirit-Vision, you'll want to bring a second pair of pants, just in case.  

Take a look at this swell line-up of movies!

Yes sir, it's gonna' be a doozy! So bring your favorite gal, cuddle up close, and enjoy the first annual Spirit Services Radioactive Sea Creature Scary Monster Horror Flick Festival from Outer Space...if you dare. (Tickets: $1.99 per car.)

Coffee BreakMadge Cramp doesn't know why or how August got here so quickly this year.

Actually, the last 10 or 12 years.

"It seems like summer just started and now it's almost over!" she shrieked.

Madge has been a bookkeeper here at Spirit Services for 35 years. And, yes, she's prone to shrieking.

Madge was on her coffee break Monday when she realized that her life is a bit further along than she thought.

"By this time next week we'll probably have a foot of snow on the ground!" she complained.

Then Timmy Flick piped up. "July was a few weeks shorter this year!" he said.

Timmy's the new mail room boy. He was kicked in the head by a horse when he was eleven.

"What?" shouted Madge. "That's ridiculous!"

"Yeah, I heard some folks talkin' about it on the bus this morning. Somethin' about the sun spinnin' faster last month."

Unfortunately, we had already thrown away the July page of our office calendar, so there was no way to check if the month was actually shorter. But we have a hunch it wasn't.

"Well, I'm just sure I don't know what's going on anymore," sighed Madge. "I'm just sure of it!"

"I know what you mean, Miss Cramp. Most days, I'll be sortin' mail and delivering packages and helping some of the fellas load their trucks and sweepin' the floors and, before I know it, it's time to get cleaned up and go home already. The day just flies by."

The break room got quiet.

Madge looked at Timmy. He had about a quarter's worth of dirt on his cheek, but he was smiling from ear to ear, that way he always seems to be doing.

"Say, maybe your feelin' is a good thing, Miss Cramp," Timmy thought. "Maybe it's sort of a reminder that we should enjoy every day that we get. And, ya' know, pay more attention to all the good stuff."

Madge took her final sip of coffee and slowly got up from the table.

She walked over to Timmy and brushed the hair away from that horseshoe-shaped dent in his forehead.

"My, it sure is a beautiful day today, isn't it?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'am. Sure is," Timmy smiled.


Problem HeadwearUgly hats. They're a common problem.

For decades, Americans were forced to hide their embarrassing headwear under brown paper sacks or by only walking in the darkest alleys.

But now, there's a better option. Just take a virtual stroll through the Head Gear section of our online store!

You'll find all sorts of stylish options for covering up that coconut of yours, from six-panel low-profile caps, bucket caps and cabby hats, to guide hats, floppy sun hats and a selection of baseball and golf-style caps that's bigger than a city bus.

Don't bury your hat in the sand. Take the Spirited approach to a better-looking head.


Shrump WallpaperYou know Mel and Opal Shrump. They own the local wallpaper shop.

Good folks, the Shrumps.

And nobody loves wallpaper more than Opal, but lately she's had just about enough of rinsing wallpaper paste out of her good dress at the end of each long day.

Luckily, Mel heard tell of Spirit Services down at the hardware store. He found out that we have nifty corporate apparel, plus all sorts of swell uniforms.

So, he and Opal paid a visit to our online store and picked out a few matching shirts for themselves. Even had the name of their shop embroidered on them. Just like downtown.

Then, they called about uniform rental service for their employees: Jimmy, that nice young fella from over Springfield way, and, of course, Frank Lawson. He's been the Shrump's main paper hanger for going on nine years now, despite his fear of ladders.

Now, Opal's just as pleased as can be with their fine new shirts. "They look real professional," she says.

And when the boys step out of that Shrump's Wallpaper truck in their snappy new uniforms, well, people stop and notice. Word is, Frank even earned himself a date once Lorna Hoop got an eyeful of him in his new work duds.

See? Good things happen when you wear corporate apparel and uniforms from Spirit Services!

By the way, the Shrumps would like you to know that they just got seven large boxes of new wallpaper in the other day: animal prints, like snake and leopard, and a few with pictures of naked ladies surrounded by grapes. Opal says they're very exotic because they came from far-off places, like Dayton and up around Jefferson County.



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