“Restrooms are the Devil’s Playground.”

We’re not certain what that quote means, but we read it online, so we’re pretty sure it’s true. At Spirit, we provide many types of restroom supplies to keep evil at bay, from hand cleaning products, to paper products, to fragrance control systems. Take a look:

live clean with Soaps, Hand Cleaners & Hand Washes

Its-time-to-love-hand-washing-againSpirit Antibacterial Lotion Soap produces a rich lather that’s gentle enough for everyday use, which is ironic because it was invented by a fella named Rich Lather. It's 100% biodegradable and ideal for food processing or institutional use. And it's made with an antiseptic ingredient that protects skin from minor infections, irritation, and the boredom that often accompanies long car trips.  

Spirit Antiseptic Lotion Soap contains PCMX, which means it’s a good choice for high-risk areas where cross-contamination is a concern. It’s biodegradable, its pH is neutral to the skin and, like many lotion soaps, it’s partial to French films of the 1960s.

Spirit Natural Industrial Hand Cleaner is made from a solvent-free, water-activated, soybean oil-based, multi-hyphenated formula that provides concentrated, natural cleansing. Fibril scrubbers deliver extra Rhino 200 finalpower and a dash of sex appeal, while the antiseptic ingredient, PCMX, conditions and protects the skin, just as a mother rhino conditions and protects her newborn calf. Or so we’ve heard.

Antibacterial Foaming Hand Wash produces a luxurious foam that’s easily dispensed, and its delightful fragrance makes for an enjoyable hand wash. But don’t tell it we said that. It’s already the most conceited of our hand-cleaning products.

Instant Skin Sanitizer is a quickly evaporating germ killer that leaves hands smooth, refreshed, and not legally responsible for the deaths of millions of germs. It’s very savvy, this one. Buy it here

our Paper Products: Made from UNEMPLOYED Trees

Our 2-ply paper hand towels come 6 rolls to a case. One roll is equal to 20 rolls of household kitchen towels, 2 to 3 packages of folded towels, or 4 to 5 hardwood roll towels. Laid end-to-end several layers thick, these towels would make a nice blanket.

Let's recreateOur 2-ply toilet tissue also comes 6 rolls to a case. One roll is the equivalent of two junior jumbo rolls or 18 to 20 rolls of the 500-sheet toilet tissue rolls you might use at home, aboard your houseboat, or in your recreational vehicle.

Hello, Fragrance Control

What's the number one concern regarding your restrooms, other than itinerant shoe shine boys setting up shop in the stalls? That’s right: odor!

Spirit Services can keep your restrooms smelling fresh with our fragrance control system. Mounted on your restroom wall - preferably far enough away from any fine art - this convenient system dispenses our superior product in one of several scents: Citrus, Mango, Cinnamon, Linen Fresh, Orchard Fields, Polar Mist and Blue Splash. The dispensing system and delivery are free. You just purchase the concentrated fragrances, and kiss your restroom odors goodbye. Not literally, of course.Restroom supplies are plentiful at Spirit Services


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