Love That Glove: Get the Most Out of Your Textiles

Hey fun-lover, did you know that gloves, aprons, gauntlets, sleeves and other safety apparel can be cleaned, repaired and refinished for just one-sixth of the money it takes to replace them? And when you choose to re-use those items, you keep them out of the landfill or Gloves are funincinerator longer, and reduce the amount of materials and energy needed to make new apparel.

Spirit Services has a long history of cleaning and renovating gloves and other safety and protective items. We’ve been at it since 1934, long before it was cool to be Earth friendly. And we don't charge extra for thumbs. 

We separate incoming gloves and other textile items into three categories:

1) Good - These items are paired ten to a bundle, and then returned to you.

2) Repair - Repaired items are patched with a maximum of two patches per item, paired ten to a bundle, and returned to you.

3) Non-Salvage - These items are worn or damaged beyond repair and are returned to you for disposal. Arranged in a heaping pile, they're sure to make a lovely centerpiece for any holiday meal.


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