Uniforms for the Shale Gas Set

Until the late 1940s, there were only four worthwhile things that came from below the Earth's surface:

Taters1) Potatoes
2) Fishin' worms
3) Organic cardboard
4) Second-hand coffins

But in 1947, the USA's first shale gas well was fracked. Once that happened, The List of Four, as it was known, was officially obsolete.

Shale gas assumed its rightful place on that list. School children cheered. Seven or eight parades were organized. And shale gas became the talk of the land.

Fun with CoverallsIn the many decades since America first fell in love with shale gas, we've all learned one very important lesson: those lucky enough to work in the oil and shaling industry should never wear their Sunday best to the job site.


Thank goodness Spirit Services holds the key to a big, wide, wonderful world of uniforms especially for those who extract shale gas from the bowels of the earth. Take a tour in our online store. You'll find insulated bib overalls and coveralls, plus shirts, pants and safety vests from Dickies and Bulwark, along with hats from KATI, and work gloves from Valeo. In short, everything the well-dressed shale gas man will be wearing this season. 

The U.S. government estimates that by 2035, nearly half of our natural gas supply will come from shale gas. Isn't it comforting to know that Spirit Services will always be ready, willing and able to supply your crew members with the gas-gettin' garb they need to keep America moving?

Yes, we think so, too.

For more details or to shop now, visit our online store or call (877)407-7474.