Hooray for Spirit's Mechanic Uniforms

Clean-mechanic FinalTo a struggling engine, mechanics are surgeons. These professionals are so dedicated to saving automotive lives that they don't mind getting down and dirty. Need proof? Just watch as they dive under the hood to rescue a radiator or master cylinder without regard for the vehicular fluids splattering on their clothes.

Oil-stained scrubs are all part of a vehicle doctor's life. After all, you don't get into the car-fixin' game to keep your trousers clean. No. You become a mechanic for the rush of staving off premature motor death, and to see that look in an auto owner's eyes when you tell him that his tranny is going to be alright.

As a result, the tidiness of an automotive tech's attire is usually an afterthought. But don't worry: like a dropped cookie or the winner of a ladies' mud-wrestling match, our mechanic uniforms look great even when they're dirty.

Mechanic Uniform Rentals

The grease and grime that mechanics get into are enough to make a home washing machine run away to join a Laundromat. But at Spirit Services, we bow to no stain. We remove even the toughest dirt as only an industrial laundry can.

When you use Spirit's mechanic uniform rental services, we gather your tired, huddled masses of dirty clothes and replace them with a fresh stack every week. And to prevent our environment from becoming a well-oiled Whistle Right 150machine after washing your well-oiled uniforms, we use an eco-aware cleaning system to keep your clothes looking brand new and the Earth as clean as a whistle; a big, round, clean whistle.

Floor It!

Your shirt may take a direct hit now and then, but your floors catch most of the workday's mess. (We suspect it has something to do with gravity, but we don't want to point any fingers just yet.)

Treat your sloppy floors to one of our fine absorbents. They soak up oil, grease, and automotive fluids like nobody's business. And when your floors are cleaner and safer, you can avoid a spill of your own.


Look fellas, we know you may not mind the mess, but you never know when a lady's going to need to powder her nose in your lavatory. Spirit Services has restroom supplies to put an end to high-pitched female shrieking Terrifiedand damage to your otherwise sparkling reputation. And, when you choose our ongoing maintenance services, we'll provide and install dispensers for paper towels, industrial strength soaps and hand sanitizers all for free!

Call Spirit Services today at (877)407-7474 for mechanic uniform rentals, restroom supplies, absorbents and other products you need to keep your crew and your shop looking shipshape. Speaking of ships, we also serve boat mechanics too.


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