Track Control Mats: The Movie Star of the Mat World

When you want great performance and a great look, you want Track Control mats from Spirit Services. They’re very effective at capturing dirt, sand and moisture. And with their deep, rich background colors and brilliant accents, our Track Control mats are so good looking you may be tempted to marry one, or at least show it a good time for a few weeks. Place our Track Control mats in plants, production areas, or any other rooms that lead out to a heavy soiled environment.

You can take a gander at the mats in our online store or call us for some one-on-one mat chat: (877)407-7474.

got somethin' to say? you need a Message Mat, friend

If you’d like to share a specific message with each of your visitors, you need one of our dandy message mats. We can create a mat of any size and color, and add a customized message, including one of these classics:

Hi there. Im a mat.  Welcome
  No Smoking
  Safety is Job Number 1
  Quality Begins with You 
  World’s Best Coffee

spirit Logo Mats: now 40% more logo-ish 

Want to kill two birds with one stone?* Then get great-looking logo floor mats from Spirit Services. They capture dirt AND customer attention at the same time. These multi-tasking mats are available in many sizes and colors, and they can be personalized with your company logo or any other type of branding you’d like. (You can see two types of logo mats in our online store. We call them Logo Mat 1 and Logo Mat 2 because we enjoy being clever.)

Not only do they make a bold impression, logo mats trap the dust and dirt that can damage your hardwood floors and carpeting over time. Unlike your brother-in-law, our logo mats are always on the job, representing your company well. And they won’t drink all the boxed wine in your fridge.

By the way, except for the Outdoor Scraper and ComfortFlo Mats, we launder all the products in the Spirit Services Company Complete Floor Protection System™. We use special washing equipment to remove built-up soil and restore each mat's appearnace and dignity. Neat, huh?

* No birds are actually harmed with stones while we make our logo floor mats.


Anti-fatigue-mats-discourage-sleeping-on-the-jobWord is that eight out of ten employees who stand on the job sleep through their entire shifts. They’re zonked. Sacked out. Completely inert.

The other 20% of workers are more awake than a coffee-gulping chimp. That’s because they stand on a ComfortFlo™ Anti-Fatigue Mat.

ComfortFlo™ provides excellent anti-fatigue properties for added employee comfort and improved ergonomics. And when workers aren’t as fatigued, employee morale and productivity are higher. Made from 100% nitrile rubber - the rubber of kings - ComfortFlo™ Anti-Fatigue Mats offer superior grease and oil resistance, and they’re fully launderable, like a good pet.

The slip-resistant surface reduces slip-and-fall accidents. The beveled edges meet the standards set by the Americans with Disabilities Act. And because they’re also anti-static mats, they’re safe for use around sensitive electronic equipment. Call Spirit Services today for details on our floor mat service.

A Few Fun Facts about Filth

Dirt-dirt-everywhere1) 70 to 80% of the dust, dirt and grime in a building is tracked in from the outside on people's feet. (The rest is carried in on the wings of doves.) All that gritty material damages your floors and carpets, and costs you time and money to remove.

2) In just a week, one square yard of carpet can collect a full pound of dirt, and twice that amount when the weather is bad...or during dirt season.

3) Estimates show it can cost more than $600 to remove a single pound of dirt from a building. Unless you’re able to sell a pound of dirt for $700 you may want to talk with us about keeping it off your floors.

Mats to the Rescue!

The right mats, placed in the right areas throughout your building, can reduce your cleaning costs dramatically. Contact your Spirit Services representative for details on our floor mat service or visit Mat Central in our online store. We’ll show you how to stop dirt at the door and cut your building maintenance costs.

a Treated Dust Mop from spirit is Your new best pal

ShakespeareA mop by any other name would mop as well, right? 
Not quite, Shakespeare.

Most of our competitors have stopped the practice, but at Spirit Services we still treat our mop heads to make them as effective as possible. And we’re precise about it.

To clean floors properly, mop heads must be treated evenly with the correct substance in the correct amounts. Too much magic mop substance and the mop will be too heavy and hard to use; not enough and the mop won’t catch dust and dirt. (Gaze into the head of a real, live treated dust mop in our online store.) 

The frame of the mop is also important. Our frames swivel 360 degree to allow for easy cleaning under and around furniture - and those people who refuse to move. And each time we pick up your dust mops for service, we’ll leave an adequate supply of properly treated mops for you to use. Are we somethin’ or what?

When you combine the right mats with the right mops, you’ll cut the time, effort and cost associated with cleaning. Spirit mats and mops are the key to creating a little slice of heaven right here on Earth.


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