Ohio Uniform Rental

Ohhh Mr. GrantDid you know that Ohio is the home of eight American presidents? If you can name all of them, feel free to buy yourself a blue ribbon for outstanding citizenship. (See the answers below.)

Ohio is also the home of four Spirit Services locations. And while none of those locations has ever vetoed a bill or pardoned a Thanksgiving turkey, they've done a dandy job of serving the state's workforce by providing outstanding uniform rental services.

In fact, Ohio wouldn't be the industrial powerhouse it is today without two things: 1) the endless supply of buckeyes that fuels its giant blast furnaces, and 2) Spirit's handy uniform Welcome to Ohiorental that allows thousands of hard-working men and women to avoid the dangerous workplace nudity that's so common in Illinois.

Speaking of presidents, each Commander-in-Chief since Frank Roosevelt has proudly worn a Spirit Services uniform while working in the Oval Office. Traditionally, it's a flame-retardant jump suit with extra room in the crotch. That makes conducting the nation's business both safe and comfortable.



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