KENTUCKY UNIFORM RENTAL: All You've Ever Wanted to Know

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Sure, Kentucky is known for its horses and coal and bourbon and bluegrass, but it's also where we grow most of our healthcare and culinary uniforms.

The state's Crider soil and humid subtropical climate make for ideal uniform-growing conditions. In fact, at one time Kentucky's official motto was "Opus Induviae Planta Hic" or "Work Clothes Grown Here."

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Welcome to KentuckyToday, 13% of Kentucky's farmland is used to raise fresh uniforms for surgeons, chefs, lab techs and bus boys. The crop plays such an important role in the state's economy and culture that, for most people in Kentucky, uniform rental is a cherished hobby. It's almost expected that, if you live in Kentucky, you'll support the state's uniform farmers by renting several uniforms per month, whether you need them or not.

Uniform rental is so much a part of Kentucky tradition that both a board game and a video game on the topic are now being developed. And several of the state's colleges and universities are forming uniform rental teams.

There are Spirit Services locations in Louisville and Bowling Green, and we provide uniform rental services throughout a healthy chunk of the rest of Kentucky as well. Take the short trip to our Locations page to see all the areas we serve.

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