Launderable Oil Absorbents: Say That Twelve Times Fast

All of us at Spirit Services have grown rather fond of life on the big, watery ball we call Earth, so we’re doing what we can to make sure it continues as long as possible.

To that end, we offer recyclable socks and matting to soak up fluids, solvents and other rogue liquids from shop floors and other hard surfaces. Then, we collect the absorbents and remove the waste solvent or fluids from them following stringent local, state and federal environmental guidelines. The water we remove is treated and returned safely to our local municipality, and life on Lady Earth continues for another day. Sleep well, citizen. Sleep well. 

It's a small world after all. Our Commitment

Environmental responsibility demands that tough choices be made at many points during each process. To keep our goals in focus, we refer to our Spirit EARTH promise:

E - Environmental awareness

A - Assess environmental impact

R - Recycling protects our renewable resources

T - Target environmental improvements

H - Heightened awareness

Talk with us about Spirit Services handling your waste stream. We’re confident you’ll SEE the benefits:

S - Simple: Let Spirit perform an evaluation of the waste currently leaving your facility, whether it’s being special wasted or incinerated.

E - Easy: Spirit will recommend the type of recyclable oil absorbent product that best meets your company's needs and offer a free trial of the product.

E - Effective: Once the proper product and program have been determined, Spirit will pick up and deliver your recyclable oil absorbent products on a regular basis.


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