Corporate Apparel

Down with tiesIf you believe that ties are for suckers, you're on the right page, pal.

Whether you celebrate Casual Fridays or travel a more relaxed path all week long, look to Spirit for the shirts, pants, sweaters and other gear that will keep you comfortable.

Our Executive Collection includes lots of swell options, from name-brand oxfords and button-downs, to twills, knits and polo shirts. And you don't have to be an executive to wear them. 

Need to outfit your chain gang with spiffy shirts and caps for a company-sponsored golf tournament, fundraiser or other corporate event? Then get the Spirit, and take a stroll through the Corporate Apparel Department of our online store.

And remember, it's a good idea to customize your corporate apparel with your company logo. Using another company's logo just doesn't make a whole lot of sense. 


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