Hey, Let’s Talk About Us!

It was December 1934. Franklin Roosevelt was serving his first term in the White House. Pitcher Dizzy Dean and the St. Louis Cardinals had won the 31st annual World Series a few months earlier. Many of Henry Gettin' around, old-style.Ford’s employees were earning a handsome $5 a day working on the assembly line. And, in the midst of the Great Depression, two young men from central Ohio were starting a brand new business venture: The Van Dyne Crotty Company.

Early in life, Lloyd Van Dyne and Fergus Crotty gave up hope of finding the deed to a silver mine or being paid to lounge poolside. So, after securing a $500 loan, they pinned their hopes and dreams on rags: selling and cleaning them, more specifically. The new Columbus-based company served the many area factories and shops that used rags to remove oil and grease from floors, machinery and manufactured parts. Lloyd and Fergus also sold their wares to many of the post-Vaudeville era’s best-known rag jugglers. Former carnies, mostly.

The young Van Dyne Crotty grew steadily over the next several years, expanding its product line to include work uniforms, entrance mats, dust control products, launderable absorbents, linen and paper services, and a service called glove renovation.

Spirit-Man: Loaded with spiritThe company continued to grow by acquiring competitors in different cities and states, but because those other companies maintained their own corporate identities, Van Dyne Crotty was not widely perceived as a large regional force within its industry. That problem was resolved in June of 1999 when all the companies - from Ohio to Tennessee - were brought under one new trade name: Spirit Services Company. Spirit developed a new identity as well: "America's Winning Uniform Service Team.”

In 2006, Spirit updated its tag line to "Delivering Excellence," a statement that serves as a bold promise to our current and prospective customers. More importantly, it’s shorter, so it’s much easier to fit onto our official company patch.

Spirit Services is a member of the CSC Network, an association of independent, locally owned industrial laundries across North America serving multi-location companies that desire national contracts.

Today, we are truly one company with seven district locations. Our commitment to excellence is reflected by our winning the Customer Choice Award for Business Excellence two consecutive years. And the Spirit name still represents our enthusiasm for serving our customers to the best of our ability.

As a result, ours is truly a rags to riches story.


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